Community Projects > Pollination Guild

Creating a sense of community by looking to bees for inspiration, this project relied on the time and talents of numerous participants including students, staff, faculty and community members. In coordination with Jessica Rath's a better nectar, Madison Creech facilitated two workshops that led to the development of Pollination Guild, installed in the foyer of Sage Science Center. Seven textile artists worked together to design and screen print the fabric installation. Each motif is an abstracted and enlarged buzz pollination grain. A continuation of this fabric is on view at the Hand Art Center and Gillespie Museum. The oversized partridge pea flowers are assembled from recycled cloth, wire, paraffin wax and bees wax foraged from Stetson's beehive.

Textile collaborators: Bobbi Baugh, Amy Dove, Regina Dunn, Pamela Kettner, Nancy Gear, and Mary Mcbride.

Flower sculpture collaborators: Cindy Bennington, Sarah Coffey, Karen Cole, Madison Creech, Tonya Curran, Ashley Edwards, Mari Hanley, Yoko Lujan, Kayla Macphee, Samantha Mcpherson, Annette Morton, and Jenna Noel Palmisano.

Sound Design: Robert Hoehn.