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Zugunruhe is a collaborative group project including dancers Fumihiro Kikuchi and Juan Coel Rodriguez, fiber artist Madison Creech, and musician Tony Obr. Together, we created a piece about personal ties to migration as emerging artists moving from place to place. Celebrating a time where lives and careers overlap in happenstance because we have temporarily settled in Arizona. We used the [nueBox] residency program as a platform to investigate our artistic group voice while sharing our creative methods. The creative process included the use of non-dancers' movement, words, phrases and sketches that informed the movement vocabulary, set design, and improvised sound.

*Choreographed and performed by Fumihiro Kikuchi in collaboration with Juan 'Coal' Rodriguez

*Music by Tony Obr

*Set and costume design by Madison Creech - materials used: wood cut on a CNC router, digitally printed fabric, feathers.

Video of performance on vimeo.